Our mission

At Base Case and Build, our mission is to elevate young minds through a holistic approach to growth, self-mastery, and financial literacy. We are committed to providing children with the tools they need to excel in life by combining essential life values with the strategies employed by the top 1% to generate, manage, and grow wealth. Our innovative programs aim to empower children to become confident, financially savvy, and impactful individuals who drive positive change for themselves and their communities.

Our Core Values


We believe in empowering kids with comprehensive knowledge that encompasses personal development and financial literacy. By fostering a strong sense of self and financial acumen, we enable them to navigate life's challenges with confidence and financial success.

Growth Mindset

We nurture a growth mindset that encourages children to embrace lifelong learning, not only in their personal development but also in understanding the world of finance. We equip them with the mindset and tools to adapt to changing circumstances and thrive in any environment.


We value the connections built through open conversations about life values and financial principles. By fostering genuine connections between parents, mentors, and children, we create an environment where learning is collaborative and impactful.


We cultivate leadership qualities by teaching kids to lead themselves, make informed decisions, and positively influence those around them. Through these lessons, they become leaders in their financial journey and life's pursuits.

Continuous Learning

We embrace continuous learning in both personal development and financial literacy. Our programs equip kids with essential life values and financial strategies while adapting to the evolving landscape, preparing them for a future of informed choices.

Community Impact

We teach kids the power of responsible wealth management and its potential to create positive change within their communities. By instilling a sense of responsibility, they become impactful individuals who leverage their financial success for the betterment of society.


We harness innovative teaching methods that integrate modern technology with timeless wisdom. Our programs provide engaging and relatable experiences that resonate with kids while fostering a deeper understanding of personal growth and financial concepts.


We encourage kids to authentically explore their unique potential and financial aspirations. By aligning their financial goals with their values, they learn to create their own path to financial success while staying true to themselves.

Family Engagement

We recognize the value of involving parents in their child's holistic development journey. By collaborating with parents, we create a supportive ecosystem that reinforces the life values and financial principles taught in our programs.

Joyful Learning

We infuse our programs with joy and excitement, making learning an enjoyable experience. Through interactive activities and engaging content, kids discover the joy of personal growth and financial literacy, setting them on a path of continuous improvement and prosperity.

Meet the team

Jay Bhakta

Meet Jay Bhakta, an entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience spanning various sectors. After investing significantly in business growth and realizing the value of early knowledge, Jay founded Base Case and Build. Inspired by lessons he wished he'd learned earlier and as a father of two, he's dedicated to equipping children with tools and strategies used by the world's most successful individuals, preparing them for real-world success.

Anne Amagrande

Meet Anne Amagrande, an expert in economics and real estate investment with a passion for teaching. Boasting an MBA in international business and a background in Austrian Economics, Anne has successfully channeled her academic prowess into real estate successes. Beyond her business achievements, Anne's heart lies in fostering financial literacy among the youth. As a Certified Certainty Advisor and a firm believer in 'Live to Learn, Give to Earn', she's dedicated to nurturing the next generation's financial minds and contributing meaningfully through Base Case and Build.

Tanner Hanks

Tanner Hanks, a seasoned coach and educator, has dedicated years to fostering the growth of young individuals. As a certified Life Coach and a student of the Certainty Certified Advisor program, Tanner not only raises three children but also impacts countless young lives through their business and coaching endeavors. Merging a passion for guiding youth with the ethos of 'Live to Learn, Give to Earn', Tanner's commitment to empowering the next generation resonates deeply within the Base Case and Build community, offering transformative learning experiences rooted in core values.

Nicole Richards

Nicole Richards, a key member of Base Case and Build, is a practitioner of Neuro-Based Exercise and a dedicated real estate investor. With credentials from the Certified Certainty Advisor program and currently advancing in the Elite program, Nicole's commitment to growth is evident. Passionate about the outdoors and adventure, she embodies the 'Live to Learn, Give to Earn' philosophy, inspiring and guiding young minds towards realizing their potential through her multifaceted expertise and dedication.

Henry Dotson

Meet Henry Dotson, an entrepreneur, writer, and educational innovator. With an early interest in education, he transitioned from teaching middle school math to edtech. Henry's expertise spans instructional design, entrepreneurship, and non-fiction writing, having authored nine books on various topics including prosperity, overcoming adversity, and microschools. His first exposure to entrepreneurship came from his parents, who taught him from an early age through books like Think and Grow Rich and family game nights playing Cashflow. He is passionate about providing the next generation with the mindset and skillset needed for wealth-building through Base Case and Build.