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Elevating Young Minds for Real-World Success

Base Case and Build is a transformative program that focuses on teaching kids advanced strategies, habits, and critical decision making skills used by the top 1% of the wealthy, setting them
on a path to success from an early age.

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Base Case and Build gave my daughter an outside influence for interpreting the world through extraordinary leadership.  This has come back to us as a family where we can have a meaningful conversation at home, which has saved us time and energy by connecting with our daughter on this level.

Vince Malts
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Base Case and Build provided an opportunity for my son to learn valuable lessons and skills, that if I'd known earlier in life, would have given me the tools to go after my own path in life with confidence.

Blake Schofield
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My daughter is taking the principles taught inside Base Case and Build, and applying it to real life circumstances. She can now come to her own conclusions versus Dad giving her the conclusions.

Dwayne Moffatt


For Parents

Career, marriage, kids, and sometimes peace n' quite (if you're lucky).  Your plate is full.  Our resource center is there to help you thrive in the chaos and show up as the best version of yourself for you and your family.

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For Kids

Whether it's learning to be a better team member for your kid's sports team or writing a resume that lands their first job; our resource center for kids helps them prepare for real world success.

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You can't send your kids to the school of hard knocks.

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You can’t show them what it feels like to invest with the wrong partner…

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You can’t make them feel how it feels to not have the cash for payroll on Friday.

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You know the best way to learn is from mistakes…but is that the only way?


12 years old

Learn how journaling helps Anna start
and end her day with better habits.


16 years old

Avi discusses his favorite lesson, the Champion's Perfect Week.

There is a path to Greatness, and it matters how early you start walking it.

Self Mastery

There is a path to Greatness, and it matters how early you start walking it.

Self Mastery
We develop emotional awareness, emotional regulation, and clarity of thought and heart before we do anything else.
We forge a stronger connection between parents and kids through shared language and deeper conversation.
"If you would go fast, go alone.  If you would go far, go together" Children are the leaders of the future, so we equip them to be at their best.
Base Case and Build started as a passion project of parents who built companies, created impact in the world, and bucked the status quo.
Now it’s a community of hundreds of kids and parents around the world. The next generation will be ready to build, and we’d love for you to look around, get to know us, and join the movement.

Welcome To The School Of Smart Knocks

The school of hard knocks accepts everyone, but the tuition is high. Consider this a full-ride scholarship.

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No More Sleepless Nights: Your child's future? It's taken care of with leadership skills that last a lifetime.

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They'll Talk, You'll Bond: Forge connections that last. It starts at home. You're the Architect: Hand over the tools, and watch them build their dreams. You're in control.

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You + Other Great Parents: You're joining an elite club of success-shapers. They did it, so can you.

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Results? Guaranteed: Academic brilliance, unshakable confidence, character that stands tall.  All in one package.

You're in Good Company

Joining Base Case and Build isn't just an investment in your child's future; it's a partnership in their growth. We're fostering entrepreneurial minds, igniting creativity, and enhancing communication between parents and kids.

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A message from the Founder, Jay Bhakta

At Base Case and Build, we help high performing parents alleviate the frustrations they feel about what is being taught in our school systems. Because most of us would agree, the school system does not prepare our kids for the real world.

Right now, parents are hoping their kids live up to what we’ve accomplished. But we what we really want is for them to stand on our shoulders and do more and accomplish more than we have.

We want to create a journey where kids can create all the things for themselves and live a successful life.

Will you be our next partner?

We seek to partner with purpose-driven individuals and companies who believe in our mission of building the next generation for real world success.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What subjects are covered in Base Case and Build that make it so valuable?

We address crucial areas often missed by traditional schools, such as leadership skills and building financial literacy. Our program empowers kids to become confident leaders and secure their financial future.

How do children develop leadership skills through Base Case and Build?

In our program, kids embrace the principle of 'Live to Learn, Give to Earn.' They understand that continuous learning is essential in every circumstance, and by sharing their acquired knowledge, they gain wisdom. This process guides them toward becoming adept leaders. Additionally, our taught frameworks empower them to make informed decisions and take impactful actions in the real world.

I have a busy work schedule. How much time will this program require?

Our lessons are designed to be convenient. Kids dedicate 20-30 minutes per week to the program. Parents, on the other hand, don't need to commit time as they receive updates about their kids' learning through our weekly newsletters.

My children are already engaged in multiple activities. Will this program overwhelm them?

Our program is designed to complement various activities. The 20-30 minute lessons each week can enhance their performance across all their commitments. Additionally, lessons are recorded for flexibility, allowing kids to watch them at their convenience.